NLP Sessions with Rebecca Cousins | Review

Since I was 15 I have suffered with anxiety and depression. I feel like recently it's almost become fashionable to have say you suffer with anxiety, and lets face it we all suffer with it in some form. There can't be one person in this world who doesn't ever feel anxious or nervous or feelings of worry over anything.
I've been on and off anti-depressants for years. I've seen various "therapists" and "cbt counsellors" and had mixed feelings over them. I even attended a stress workshop, so I'd say I have done a lot to try and help myself.

My faith and being into meditation has helped me a lot over the last two years. It has helped my head to settle and for me to cope with breathing. But I've also let myself have days when I am not ok. I accept days when I just want to shut myself away and not be part of the world.
And I will still accept those days and those moments and those feelings.
However, one thing I can't accept anymore is bullying myself and constantly feeling like I am not good enough.

I am very open to trying new things and to doing whatever I can to try and help myself and those around me. So when I had an amazing opportunity to work with an NLP Practitioner, Rebecca Cousins, I couldn't pass it up.

After learning about NLP and qualifying as a practitioner and a Timeline Therapist Rebecca has been thrilled by the impact these tools can bring. Although Rebecca specialises in working with children and parents, she also extends her practice to help adults to bring change and clarity, allowing them to live fuller, richer and happier lives.

What is NLP?
Neuro: How we organise our thoughts through our senses; visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, olfactory and gustatory.
Linguistic: The language we use to communicate with ourselves and others.
Programming: The way we organise our ideas and actions to produce results

I've always been interested in how my brain and my head works, why certain thoughts come into my head and why I believe certain things and why I can't just switch my thoughts off.

Rebecca sent me a form for us to look at what exactly we would be working on.

What do you specifically want from this session?
A settled mind and to be able to focus on myself and not on other people. To realise I am good enough despite what other people think of me or expect from me and that it is ok to put myself first and to not worry about others all the time.
I also want to be able to switch off from other peoples problems and to not feel like I have to take them on too. To feel brave and strong enough to stand up for myself and to not feel guilty.
To be strong enough to say no to people and to be confident enough to put myself first.

I had two sessions with Rebecca. I felt so nervous at first, I've never been completely comfortable talking on Skype or similar but as soon as we got started I realised just how lovely Rebecca is and I soon relaxed.
We talked through my issues, through my history. We talked about how Rebecca works and what NLP is.

There was one event from 2009 that I felt was bothering me and was something that I felt would still play on my mind and get me anxious and worked up.
We talked through this event and put together a timeline of events to talk through. At the beginning I felt a certain way, I felt anxious, worked up, strong for standing up to someone but still with a "why me? what did I do?" feeling. By the end of the practice I felt none of the hurt, and negativity anymore. I felt brave, proud and strong. With no question or doubt over how I reacted in that situation and of what I could have done differently.
I accepted that I did the best I could and even now, thinking back I don't feel how I felt before.
Everything feels better and if I try to find those old feelings in my head I can't.

I was amazed that in such a short amount of time, and with this technique, a big change was able to happen.
We went through another technique for me to use any time I need to feel calm, and to give myself some power and confidence. I found it really easy to do this technique, and was given homework to use it in certain situations and to report back as to whether or not it had worked.

A week later I had another call with Rebecca and we talked through how the techniques I had learnt had helped me.
As we talked I realised I had made some significant changes already and was really pleased with how well I had done. I was amazed at what Rebecca was able to teach me.
Then, looking at the belief that "I am not good enough", we went through some other techniques. I think that because I meditate I found this easy to do.
By the end of the techniques Rebecca asked me to describe how I felt and I realised that I didn't have that belief anymore.
I couldn't remember how it felt to not feel good enough anymore.
I felt quite overwhelmed that all of a sudden this feeling was blocked out of my head, and as hard as I tried I couldn't find that feeling I had before.

This week I sent Rebecca over a list of moments in the last week or so (I was late with my homework) where I have used the techniques she has taught me, and also looking at situations I have been in and how I have reacted.

It wasn't until I wrote this list down, and looked over it that I realised how much I have changed.
It still amazes me that these two sessions, sat on my sofa, talking to someone over Skype, has managed to benefit my life in such a big way.

I feel a lot stronger. A lot more confident about my decisions and about who I am. About what I deserve and what I don't deserve.
I have Rebecca to thank for that.
Rebecca has a calming voice and nature and has a way about her that instantly makes you feel relaxed. I felt immediately like I could tell her anything and even when I got a little teary I wouldn't have felt at all uncomfortable to sob in front of her either.

I would highly recommend anyone who has any type of issue or problem they want help with to have a look to see if an NLP session with Rebecca would be suitable for you.
I think one of the main benefits is that it can be done in your own home over Skype. It certainly helps to feel more comfortable and being able to relax and to avoid distractions.

Keep an eye out for further posts on here about NLP and how it has benefited me and my life.

If you want to find out more about NLP, and to contact Rebecca Cousins, you can do so by clicking on this link.

To follow Rebecca or get in touch you can do so on the link above or following these links below.

Bec, thank you so much for working with me and for being extremely supportive. You made a difficult couple of weeks a lot easier. I can't thank you enough.


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