Caturday November 2017

I have two cats. Jasmine, 12 and Walter, 2. They both came from a farm in Wiltshire and we got them as kittens. I was never really a cat person and always thought I would end up with a dog.
However, these cats were "mine" and so when I separated it was a given that they would come with me. Which I am glad about as they are my company when the boys are with their dad.

I've always wanted a kitten but after seeing how quickly Walter got so big I realised it was just the tiny stage I really wanted, and I sort of forgot about that.
Then on Facebook recently I saw a link to the local paper where a litter of kittens were found dumped under a bush. Seeing the photo made me want to help and although I didn't necessarily expect to help those kittens, I found myself on the Cat Protection Facebook page and after looking through and seeing various kittens needing homes I quickly logged off.
Not knowing if it was really what I wanted or needed at the time I thought I'd give myself some time to really think about it...however...daily checking of the Facebook page and an overwhelming urge to contact the charity took over and before I knew it I had sent an email enquiring about a couple of kittens needing a home.
They had been adopted already but I was told about a 4/5 month old kitten who had been found in local woods. He had only been found 2 days prior to my email so still had another 12 days until he could be rehomed just incase his owners came forward. I said I wanted him.
I had my home check done but just before that had a phone call with the lady who arranges the rehoming. We had already planned to call him either Meer (Meer-cat) or Dunlop. However, she mentioned they had named him Forest. WELL...let this Tom Hanks fan just take a massive step back and admit that there was then NO WAY I was going to change his name.
With Walter named after Tom Hanks' character in the Money Pit, a Walter in The Burbs and Tom Hanks playing Walt Disney in Saving Mr Banks it seemed silly to pass up another Tom Hanks themed name.
And as Hayley said, it felt like it was meant to be.

I was specific that I wanted a black kitten. Despite being told there was another kitten I could have taken earlier on I wanted to wait for Forest. I had read previously that black cats are harder to rehome so this was one thing I was going to be strict about. The sex of the cat didn't matter to me and him/her being black wasn't about wanting one of each (Jasmine being a tortoiseshell, Walter being tabby) but more so I knew I was doing good.

After showing how keen I was and passing a home check it was time to go and collect him.
As soon as I saw him I fell for him. Beautifully, perfectly black with bright yellow-green eyes. Teeth that chew at your fingers and hand, and his paws clinging gently to your arm, keep those tiny, sharp kitten claws hidden. 
He confidently got into his box and I drove him home. 
I didn't expect him to settle in as quickly as he did but as I opened the box he walked straight out and started exploring my room. Confidently coming over for attention and fuss. 

A gave it 24 hours until he met the other cats. Despite being told by the Cat Protection team to introduce them slowly, I felt it best for all of them to get it out of the way. And I'm glad I did. 
Two weeks later and Walter and Forest are playfighting and running after each other, becoming the best friends I hoped they would. 
Jasmine took a little longer and hisses still every now and then. However, I have seen her giving him kisses and she'll happily lay cms away from him. She just doesn't want to play. 

It definitely feels like he has filled a little void in my life. He is super affectionate and really snuggles in close, accidently making us both too comfortable resulting in me waking up an hour later with my head resting on him like he was a neck pillow.

Not only filling a void it also gave me great satisfaction knowing I gave him a home and a loving family. And made me closer to earning my Crazy Cat Lady badge...if I don't have it already.


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