Ballintoy Harbour | Ireland 2016

I love the Isle of Man a lot. But there is a place in particular on the island that I call my happy place.
Having visited that part of the island twice now it has a firm place in my heart and will always be my breathing space. The place I go and will not be told how much time I have to stay there and will happily go off on my own to sit, take photos, and this year meditate and do my cards.

When my brother and I visited Ireland last year we came across one of the most stunning places I have ever been too. Looking at the photos makes me fall in love with it again, even though the photos don't really do it justice at all.

During our Eastern Northern Ireland road trip we drove through and stopped in a lot of different towns and villages.
This stunning coastline is situated in the village of Ballintoy. And is the small fishing harbour.

As well as being an absolutely beautiful spot to stop and take in rural Irish life and the stunning views and landscape, it is also the perfect place to stop if you are a Game of Thrones fan as this area was used to film some of the scenes.

You'll find filming locations all over the island, even as someone who doesn't watch Game of Thrones, I was amazed to see which locations they used especially when then viewing those scenes on Youtube and seeing how different it looked on the show.

If I am lucky enough to visit Ireland again, Ballintoy will be high on my list of places to revisit.


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