Someones Interval

One day you will be worth more.
Worth more than a "I'm bored, fancy coming round/fancy some company?"
Worth more than a "I want a cuddle" 
Worth more than messages, and a flirt, just to boost someones ego.
Worth more than just some fun.

One day you will be seen higher than you are now. 
Someone will see the real you. 
The person with a kind, loyal heart.
The person who laughs, and cries. 
Who can take life seriously when needed and then take every single thing as a dirty joke.

One day you won't be someones interval. 
You won't be the one who fills a gap whilst they look for someone better.
Whilst they decide on what they want. 
Whilst they take a break from someone else to decide if they are happy.

One day someone will compliment you and mean it.
With no hidden agendas. 
They will say it because they mean it.
Because they can't help but to look at you and to tell you how beautiful you are.
To tell you how happy you make them.
To tell you how, to them, you are perfect. Flaws and all. 

One day someone will be constant in your life.
Not dipping in and out as and when it pleases them.
Just popping up when they need you.
Taking advantage of your kind heart. 

One day you won't be someones interval.
You will be everything to them.
Just as you deserve.

When you figure out how to revive your light you realize your worth in a humbling very grateful way...


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