Flixton Aviation Museum | Summer List

Two weeks ago we created our Summer List. A list of things I wanted to achieve and get done with the boys in the summer holidays.
That afternoon we headed out to cross the first thing off our list, choosing Flixton Air Museum.
The air museum is around a half an hour-40 minute drive from us and is something we have considered before and driven past a few times, but never visited.

First established in 1972 as the Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Society, the museum houses a varied array of over 60 complete or partial aircraft as well as uniforms, photographs, medals and a variety of other war and aviation related memorabilia

The weather wasn't great, although it was just a slight drizzle it was enough that the grass was quite damp leaving us with wet feet. However, we were still able to enjoy the planes outside and to enjoy looking in the hangars and offices at the various articles.

The Aviation Museum is free to enter, which seemed like madness at first to me. However, with donation boxes dotted all around I'm sure they make more money through that than they would with an entry fee system...at least I'd like to think so anyway.

With a cafe, a little shop to buy a souvenir...and an ice cream...it is a great way to spend a couple of hours for adults and children.
We'll definitely be visiting again.

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