Just Because

Just because she cries it doesn't mean she's weak.
It doesn't mean she is over sensitive or over reacting.
Maybe those tears have been building up for a while.
Maybe there is so much going on in her head, in her life, in her world that you don't know about.
Maybe she pretends to be strong and she pretends to be ok and to be happy when in reality, she just wants someone to scoop her up and to let her cry out all of the pain and frustration that is building inside her.

Just because she is single it doesn't mean she is desperate to have sex with you.
It also doesn't mean that anything she says can be turned into a pick up line or to be suggestive.
She might be friendly. But it doesn't mean she wants you.
It doesn't mean she wants to borrow you from your girlfriend or wife.
It doesn't make it ok for you to suggest that because "it's just a bit of fun".

Just because she is getting a divorce it doesn't mean she has a broken heart.
It doesn't mean she has regrets or she made a mistake.
She didn't walk away without making an effort and without thinking long and hard about whether or not it was the right thing.

Just because he has a girlfriend it doesn't mean she is jealous.
It doesn't mean she wants him back.
Maybe she feels proud of the fact that she is happy for him. And for the fact that they can talk openly about their love life without it being weird that the last 13 years they were in that relationship.

Just because she has children it doesn't mean she will be hard work.
It doesn't mean she is looking for them to have a new "daddy". Or that she even wants someone to have anything to do with her children.
Maybe she just wants adult company. Maybe she thinks it's more important to have time with someone, one on one, before her children become involved. 

Just because you have this idea of her it doesn't mean it's right.
Because she mixes with certain people it doesn't mean what you want it to, or what you think it does.
Maybe those are the people who have taken time to get to know her, who she trusts and connects with. The ones she feels she can be herself around.

Just because things aren't how she imagined they would be.
And life isn't how she planned it.
It doesn't mean she isn't happy.
Maybe she has hope. Maybe she is enjoying discovering who she is, and discovering what it is like to have freedom.

To be herself.

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