TT2015 Diary: Home of Rest for Old Horses

My TT Diary is a little all over the place. I still have the Wednesday to write about, however I wanted to get a start with writing about Thursday.
This was our first full day and we had a lot to pack in. Unfortunately our plans to get up early and go failed due to a late night out the night before, and me waking up with a horrid hangover. There's an experience for you....wearing a helmet and having your head bob around with a hangover. Fun times...

My brother planned our day, which was nice. I'm used to having to plan days out for the family so it was nice for someone else to take control of that and for me to just do as I was told.
During a ride out on his bike before I had arrived Dale had noticed 'The Isle of Man Home of Rest for Old Horses' and we decided that this would be our first stop on Thursday. We weren't there for long and actually it was a nice break for me to get off the bike and to get used to getting back on it.

As we pulled up in the car park we saw a big field, home to a variety of horses and ponies. It's lovely to stand there and to just appreciate the different sizes and quirks of each of these creatures.
My brother seemed to hit it off instantly with one of the horses, which was rather sweet. Although I didn't think this horse would let my brother leave!

Taken from the website:

The Home of Rest for Old Horses came into being in 1950 when Mrs Mildred Royston and her sister Miss Kermode, became dismayed at the number of perfectly fit, old, working horses being shipped from the Island for a doubtful future.

From small beginnings, hard work, dedication and a lean income, the Home progressed until 1955 when a fortunate legacy provided the means to purchase "Bulrhenny" where the Home is now.

Of particular concern, were the old tram horses, and today we have "first option" on tram horses as they retire.

Since 1950 more than 280 animals have found happy retirement. We presently look after over 50 horses and 8 donkeys.

Although it's not the kind of place you can spend all day it, it's fab to visit for an hour or so. There is a cute little gift shop and of course you can feed the horses and donkeys too. Not something I am ever brave enough to do, but my brother did!

The Home of Rest for Old Horses confirmed for me what a lovely island this is, with some super kind inhabitants who really care about the island and about everyone and everything on there.

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