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Everyone has heard of Race for Life right? I know a lot of people who have taken part and am yet to do so myself.
This year though, that is changing.
Scottish Power are back as official energy sponsor of Cancer Research UK's Race for Life for the fourth year running, and approached me to ask if I would take part in the 5k Race for Life event in Cambridge on July 19th. I have to admit, it took me a couple of months to finally say yes. I suppose it was down to this new "way of thinking" of mine. My want to experience a lot of things and having seen photos of women's faces as they cross the finish line I knew that I would be silly to miss out on the chance to do that too.

I couldn't run (walk/jog) alone though, and I feel so happy and proud that my best friend Christine will be joining in with me. In fact, we are making a weekend of it...we kind of have to with Cambridge being 2 and a half hours away...and we're staying overnight the night before.

I'm not begging for sponsorship, however if you would like to sponsor us you can do so by following this link here. Any amount is highly appreciated.
We have also chosen Cancer Research UK to be the charity we raise money for when we take part in Run or Dye in Ipswich the following Saturday.

The following information is taken from the Race For Life/Cancer Research Website.

How your money can help Cancer Research UK

Each step we make towards beating cancer relies on each pound donated. Here are some examples of the money you raise in sponsorship – big or small – can help us become cancer’s worst nightmare:
  • £8 kits out our scientists with a lab timer, helping them to find out what makes a cancer cell tick.
  • £20 buys a lab coat, box of gloves and goggles. Not only geek chic, but vital items to help our scientists carry out life-saving research.
  • £70 pays for a Bunsen burner to help ignite groundbreaking research on a daily basis.
  • £180 pays for one day of a trial to discover faster diagnosis and new therapies to treat brain cancer.
  • £300 buys a hotplate to warm special solutions, turning up the temperature on groundbreaking research.
  • £450 pays for one day of a trial to diagnose prostate cancer earlier and more efficiently.
If you want to find out more about the fantastic work we’re doing, visit cruk.org.
So with our outfits ordered, and hotel booked all that is left now is to put in some last minute training hours and then we will be ready. I'm so excited to be able to experience this and cannot wait to get to that finish line and smile, knowing we may have made a small difference in the fight against cancer.

Have you run the Race for Life before? Or are you running this year? Do you have any tips?

Thank you to Scottish Power for making this weekend possible for us.


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