#letscocktail Chi Chi and Vodka Crammed with Berry

When you think of cocktails are you the same as me? With an image of a beach, or a cocktail party coming to mind?
I enjoy cocktails more than I do a glass of wine. I like the variety of flavours, the different ingredients and the wide range of cocktails available. I do find drinking cocktails a rarity though. They have to be made right, but can also work out quite expensive.
So, I thought, with the opportunity to recreate some cocktails I decided to go against what that usual image related to cocktails, and instead decided to make cocktails simply for myself.

So, working together with thebar.com, I decided to look up some quick, easy, but guaranteed to be tasty, recipes.
I specifically looked for tropical flavours. Something with coconut, pineapple, and similar ingredients.
I soon found the Chi Chi. Similar to, and inspired by, the Pina Colada, this cocktail is AMAZING.
You'll need....(the following ingredients serve enough for 1...)

  • 50ml. Smirnoff No. 21® Vodka
  • 25ml. Cream of Coconut
  • 100ml.  Pineapple Juice
  • 1wedge(s) Pineapple

Simply add the Vodka, Cream of Coconut and Pineapple juice to a jar or cocktail shaker and then shake it, sh-shake it, shake it, shake it, sh-shake it, shake it like a polaroid picture. (sorry, couldn't resist). It does need a really good shake, for a while so that the cream mixes well with the lighter liquids. The coconut cream does start to curdle as soon as the Pineapple Juice hits so be quick!
I then served mine over big chunks of ice. The original recipe suggest crushed ice, and a garnish but I am a bit rubbish and had a garnish fail. 
Oh my though, oh...my. This is just....close your eyes and you are somewhere tropical.

Another super simple one, although so simple I almost didn't consider it a cocktail? And again, apologies for the lack of garnish #cocktailfail. However, it is super simple and if garnished correctly, and with some fresh or frozen cranberries added would be even better.

  • 1 part Smirnoff No. 21® Vodka
  • 4 parts Cranberry Juice

Again, it's super simple.
Pour your Vodka over ice. Add your Cranberry juice. 

Which cocktail would you create? If you make any cocktails this summer, make sure you share your images, and recipes, across Social Media using the hashtag #LetsCocktail.

This post is a collaboration with thebar.com.

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