Five Things | Why June 2015 Was The Best Month EVER.

I don't usually feel sad when a month passes by. But saying goodbye to June this year was hard.
I felt like June was MY month. I'd been looking forward to it for so long and had such high hopes and expectations for it, so there was a lot of pressure on the month.
It all turned out better than I expected.
From the 1st of June all the way through until the 30th I had something to look forward to. It was a busy month. I fell behind on blog posts, blog deadlines, lost school letters, missed appointments and turned up 7 hours early for my Asda Click and Collect order.

New Kitten

It's been quite an adjustment having a kitten in the house. Walter has lived with us for just over a month now and the boys are still not over the novelty of having a small cat who will let them coo all over him and let them play with him. This can be adorable, and it's lovely when they can take over the role of "entertainer" for Walter so I can take a break from play duties, but it's difficult when Walter is trying to sleep, or if they want a cuddle and he wants to play and one of them (the boys) ends up getting hurt.
We're still unsure as to what our older cat, Jasmine, thinks of Walter. I'm pretty sure she adores him, but as he is so playful and just wants to keep jumping on her she hasn't really been given the chance to cuddle up with him and I think he hasn't really given himself the chance to get to know her. She has never been the playful type, and I expect that given she is now 10 she will be less likely to appreciate a bop on the tail and a kitten jumping on her back and biting her neck.

New Passion

On June the 3rd I took my first solo flight and headed to the Isle of Man to be greeted by my brother. He had invited me over to have a holiday with him whilst the TT races were on. I had watched a documentary film based on the Dunlop family and from the moment I started watching it I knew there was not only something special about this family, but also about this sport. I hated to admit it, after all I didn't really like motorbikes up until that point, especially not watching them race but that film made me think differently. It was part of why my brother invited me, so that I could experience it first hand. It was incredible, and so so so much better than I expected. I don't think you can really prepare for it. No amount of Youtube videos can prepare you for the sound, speed, smell, the atmosphere and adrenaline you feel as those bikes fly past you.
Leaving hurt so much. I cried all the way from the point we were standing at in the photo below, to the airport, on the back of my brothers bike. Seriously, sobbing with a helmet on is interesting. The visor almost looked like it had been raining. I cried for the entire plane journey home and for days after....and still cry about it now.
Next year can not come around quickly enough.

New Memories

One of the best things about going to the Isle of Man was the memories I made with my brother. He is so incredibly important to me, and I realised how lucky I am to have a brother like him when people revealed their surprise at him asking his sister to go on holiday with him. 
He really looked after me, and made me coffee in the mornings and most importantly, he made sure I had the best view of every race we saw that week. As a result, I had the best experience I could have had.
He made me feel really special by introducing me to everyone he met, even if it was the first time he was meeting them. He would inform them that it was my first time there and that I became interested after watching Road. The loveliest thing about this was that I felt important, and as though he was proud of me. And that feeling beats any other.
I love that I can share this passion with him now. Ok I'm not into bikes as much as him, but I know quite a bit about the TT now and have got books on my Kindle because I am interested to learn more about the races, about the history and about the racers too. 

New Experiences

I know, I know, I know. I keep on talking about it and still, two weeks on, I am not over it. In fact, I still think that mentally I am still in London, I am still surrounded by a fantastic community, and I am still introducing wonderful sessions and speakers. I am still trusted by the team and being supported by them. 
It was such a fantastic experience, and it's funny how different a conference can look and feel from the other side. And as much as I loved being an attendee the last two years, this year was my favourite. I much preferred this feeling. Comfortable, confident and happy.
I adore this beautiful photo below of Jen and Susanna taken (with permission) from The Purple Pumpkin Blog. I respected these two ladies a lot anyway, but since I walked into the Brewery and they welcomed me as though I was always one of the team and kept giving me supportive looks, smiles, knee squeezes and hugs throughout the weekend I now respect them even more. I owe them so much for how happy me being room moderator has made me feel.

New Friendships

With the TT and Britmums Live being such big experiences for me, they were both made even more special by making new friends. It's funny because blogging sometimes can seem so small, the community and so on, yet there are always friends to make and people who you haven't yet met.
My new blogging friends are not newbies, they are the ones who started blogging before I did. The ones whose blogs inspired me to blog. The ones who showed me what I could be capable of and the ones that introduced me to the community.
And the TT, the TT was wonderful because you make these "temporary friendships". The ones who you will be best friends with for your time there, or even for one evening, and then never see again. Or there are the ones that you add on Facebook and spy on every now and then.
I've spent time with my two local best friends too this month which has been great. They've both really been there for me when I need them and have made me realise how special friendships are and how essential it is to have people there for you.


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