TT2015 Diary: The Night Before

After what felt like a super stressful day with packing, making sure I had everything I needed, making sure the boys were set for the week, co-hosting the Britmums and Birds Eye #MixUpYourMenu Twitter party, I was so glad when we were finally on the road to Stansted for the boys to drop me off at my hotel for the night.
I'd managed to get the Premier Inn at Stansted for a cheap price and felt that with a morning flight it would be better for me to stay at the hotel than to face a long car journey that morning.
After an emotional goodbye with Charles and Harry, and waving them off as they cried, I carried my heavy bags from one end of the car park to the hotel door. Managed to check in and find my room easily and then it sank in. I was actually doing this and was about to go on holiday, by myself, to meet up with my brother.
I spoke to my mum on the phone, had a bath and as I sat to watch Big Brother my phone went off.

Well. That was it. My night was sorted. 
I posted on Instagram:
This film, Road, is the reason I am going to the Isle of Man. I wanted to watch it again before I went but didn't get round to it, but thank goodness for ITV4 who are playing it tonight.This family, The Dunlops, are incredible. If you hate motorbikes and find it all boring I still urge you to look them up or to even watch this film. Their passion and dedication, despite such awful tragedies, is inspiring.These men would rather die doing something they love, which may be selfish to some, than to die of a long, painful illness."Tragedy is inevitable, but there is always the chance, and the hope, of euphoria".Not only do I get to visit the memorial of Joey Dunlop who died for his sport, I get to see Michael and William race. I used to hate bikes. And now I kind of hate how excited they make me.

I struggled to get to sleep that night. At 1 o clock in the morning I was still wide awake and had to force myself to sleep. At 6.20 my alarm went off. I was going to ignore it until I saw some messages from my brother which I found super sweet and therefore jumped out of bed, saw the sun was shining and got ready.

Watching Road the night before made me feel a lot better about my decision to go. I didn't doubt going as such, but more doubted whether or not my brother would really want me there. Or whether or not I would be too much of an outsider.

But as I watched the film I realised that actually, my passion for this family alone had earned me a place there and that as with any hobby or interest, you have to start somewhere. And this could be my start?

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