A Day of Rest

Before we came on holiday I had this plan in my head that every day would involve some kind of trip out. There are so many places in Somerset that I adore and want to visit if I haven't visited already and I didn't want to waste any time at all.

However, after what turned out to be an 11 hour journey clearly taking it's toll on my legs and me having cramps and feeling a bit achy when I woke up Saturday morning I decided to stay in my pjs all day and to relax at home.
We had family visiting us which was really exciting and I just wanted to sit with them and drink coffee/wine/cider.

The day was just wonderful and so laid back. The weather was...well...typical UK weather really. A bit cloudy then really quite sunny. We got to spent a lot of time in the garden and at one point my mum and aunty took the boys to a farm shop just opposite our barn and, as I wasn't dressed, I took this as the perfect opportunity to get the picnic blanket out of the car, lay it on the grass and sit with my laptop, and glass of champagne enjoying the sun.
Some horses and their riders (obviously) went past at which point I realised that I didn't really have much privacy as they could see over the cobble wall enclosing our garden. The man leading the group called over the wall about how it looked like I was having a perfect afternoon and I really was.
The boys picked me some daisies as they always do whenever they see some because they know I love them so much. 
The others came back with a beetroot chutney...oh my goodness!! And some proper sweet Somerset cider.

The boys played nicely all day, with the odd moment of fuss but nothing much which was really quite lovely and much needed. They had both slept well the night before (even though my mum and I hadn't) which was a relief. Playing in the garden was so lovely for them and it is secure so we felt safe and comfortable for them to play nearby.
Although it was only a day I already felt like I was enjoying them more than I do at home. Their behaviour was so much better and they were having fun together with very minimal fighting and more importantly...NO CRYING! Which was such a change.

I made spaghetti bologneise with my aunty for dinner. Oh it was so wonderful to spent that time together. It makes me so sad that we don't get to see her very often so every second I get with her is extra special.
The boys went to bed with no issues...which was amazing and then the adults all sat in the lounge with a tea/coffee and we played a game which was hilarious.
It was so odd for me to now be part of the adult group as growing up it was me who was being sent to bed, listening in on their conversations wanting to be part of it.

Getting into bed I couldn't help but to smile at the wonderful day I had just had. And I didn't feel any regret at not going out and exploring the area.

Somerset has always felt special to me and now spending time here, as an adult, with my family and my children makes it even better.


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