A Night Out and a Painful Saturday

Saturday morning was not good. In fact, all of Saturday turned out to be a bit of a wash out.

On Friday night I finally had a girls night in with one of my closest friends. We've known each other since high school where we were friends but not the type to really hang out together. We then became friendly and met up a lot after she had her daughter 2 months after Charles was born.
Her fiance works offshore and for a while we've said "we should have a girls night" but it never happened. Then a mid week talk involving her saying that she couldn't imagine me drunk quickly turned into a date:
"We should have a wine date"
"Yes we should. When?"
I was ridiculously excited, and also a bit nervous. I get a bit silly nervous knowing there is the possibility that I will be drunk in front of someone new and could possibly cry at them, hug them and declare my love for them or I will talk absolute gibberish and fall asleep. If anyone saw me the Friday night at Britmums Live then you may understand why I would be nervous of people seeing me drunk!

7 o clock came and it was almost time to leave. I felt this weird pressure of "oh my goodness! What should I wear?!" and kept on my check skirt, thick tights, cardigan and vest top. Then, she sent me a photo of a hole in her socks and that she had made the effort of putting on her jogging bottoms so I got changed. And instantly felt a little more relaxed, which is silly as I felt comfortable in the previous outfit anyway, but I think knowing I could sit down and not worry about showing her my knickers or my bottom due to wearing my new-were-supposed-to-be-kept-for-holiday sweatpants, and my 'My Weekend Sweatshirt' top took the pressure off a bit. For added classy hot-chick-ness I paired my new navy frilly socks and was ready to go.
The wine was opened as soon as I walked in and we talked, and talked, and laughed, and talked, and laughed. And then we talked and laughed some more.
And it was just refreshing and so nice to be sat round someone else's house, in my comfy clothes, with my feet up on the sofa, not worrying too much if my cheeks blushed due to the wine or if my eyes went a bit red and my speech slurred.
Before we knew it the time had reached 10.30....then 11.30...and then midnight. I could have stayed for hours more but I booked a taxi and made my way home.
I got in, slumped on the sofa, opened the Just Eat app, was disgusted that no Chinese takeaways were open and fell asleep. I woke up with the Just Eat app still open and my phone in my hand....as well as two empty packets of crisps next to me...goodness knows when I had those!

I was not ready to face the day at 6am when the boys woke me up. And despite having all the coffee, and a sausage and chips lunch my hangover lasted the whole day.
But it was all totally worth it.
That time to spend an evening being me. Talking about struggles of parenting and not pretending to have perfect children, knowing that neither of us would be judging the other, discussing my "mid life crisis" and plans for my 30th birthday as well as excitedly talking about her wedding next year!!

Plus, there is nothing quite like watching your drunk friend attempt a roley poley...which she managed quite spectacularly...despite hurting her head.


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