A Mummy-Charlie Date at the Zoo

Harry returned to preschool two days before Charles returned to school, so whilst he was there I really wanted to make the most of my time with Charles. On the Tuesday we dropped Harry off at preschool and headed off to the zoo. We have an annual pass which makes it worthwhile to just go for an hour or two.
The zoo has a stamp system, at various places around the zoo there are stamp stations and you collect all of these to then be rewarded with a medal at the end. We don't always do this but I had already decided that I would follow Charles' lead and let him do whatever he wanted (other than visit the playground there, I had a strict rule that we must see the animals).
We visited the majority of the animals, collected all the stamps, as well as a ridiculous amount of mud on Charles' shoes!

Since Harry was born I have always felt it was really important to have some one on one time with Charles. We've always called this 'Mummy-Charlie time' (despite the fact I don't actually call him Charlie) and he loves it and gets so excited about it. After two hours we had to leave to collect Harry, which was just as well seeing as it had started to rain.

One of my favourite things about Charles is how soppy and sensitive he is. And on the drive home he kept telling me what a wonderful time he had and how he loved having that time together.
And I did too.

We attempted making a video as this is something I want to start doing more of, inspired by other bloggers of course. I've added the video to the bottom here. Be kind please.


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