Charles, Aged 5...Loves

Just before Charles turned 3 I saw a great idea a non-blogging friend posted on Facebook which I really liked. The idea was simple, take a recent photo of your child and add text to it listing things they love. I thought this would make a great blog project and had a few other bloggers with similar aged children join in too.
You can see my previous posts for both boys below:
I ummed and ahhed about doing it this year, as since we went on holiday last year I had major doubts about what a share about the boys online. But I really enjoy making it and think it's a great project to continue and look back on, so I just chose his 'loves' carefully and haven't shared too much.


I saw a post on LinkedIn recently that really hit home to me. It was a lady talking about her two grown up sons, one who lives away from hom...