Siblings: The Family Portrait Project | March 2014

As my boys get older they are becoming closer and closer. Real best friends, with a mix of arguments too but most of the time best friends.
I just love seeing them playing together, be it at home or out, laughing together, hatching plans together, saving each other from daddy when it's play time.
Harry constantly makes Charles laugh, sometimes not knowing exactly what he is doing or without even trying. Charles has to work a bit harder to make Harry laugh, by certain expressions, doing certaing things or even walking on Harry's tummy.
After school Harry will sometimes walk and just wants to hold Charles' hand. I'm not good enough. He wants to stick with his brother, and he wants everyone to know what a team they are.
Last week as we walked back to the car Harry stopped halfway, stopped holding my hand, turned round to his brother and said "Need give you a cug". And they stood on the pathway, with people walking past, in this tight embrace. With a tight squeeze Harry let go, they held hands again, Harry held mine, and we walked to the car with Charles saying "That was nice".
I really am so lucky.


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